Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Corporate Housekeeping

We provide corporate Housekeeping services on a flexible, efficient and cost effectively manner tailored to required needs. We help individuals or organizations get quality at affordable price.

Local & Federal Government

We provide cleaning services for Local, State and Federal Government departments. We service small to big departments stretching from small cities to major metropolitan areas.

Corporate & Office

From large corporates to smaller offices. You name it, we do it!  Cleaning Services, Window Cleaning, Floor Maintenance, Sanitary Services, Carpet Cleaning.

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Medical Centers & Nursing Homes

We service Hospitals, General Practice and Nursing Homes. We understand that you want a reliable and professional cleaning service at a competitive price. We have dedicated crew willing to take there time to identify your individual needs and tailors each service to your specification.

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Shopping Centers & Retail

Our shopping centers and Retail Cleaning Service is designed to meet the needs of all types of Retail Premises. We service major retail complexes to small local centers. Services offered stretch from Shopping Centers, Retail Parks, Independent Shop Units, Supermarkets, Department Stores.

Building Services

Carpet Installation, Carpet Cleaning, windows & general maintenance.

Hospitality Cleaning

From large venues to local pubs, we do it all. We know hospitality industry is a demanding and fast paced environment and a specialized cleaning approach is required to make ends meet.

Industrial Factory with Smokestacks
Industrial & Manufacturing

Along with our professionalism we offer expert cleaning services  tailored to suit factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants, small or big.

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Education & Childcare

From large schools to kindergartens institutions. We know Schools and Childcare institutions require a special type of cleaning service which we are experienced to offer.