Quick Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tip # 1

Bi Carbonate and white vinegar. Its great for soaking up gunk and dirt from grout. It does not bleach it as some items do, it in fact absorbs the dirt to froth at the top of the grout and afterwards you just clean it away.

Quick Cleaning Tip # 2

Use foamy (not gel) shaving cream and a coffee filter to clean your washroom mirrors. This cleans terrific as well as keeps them from fogging up.

Quick Cleaning Tip # 3

How to secure wood floors. When you rearrange the space, slide socks onto the legs of chairs and tables so they do not scratch the floor.

Quick Cleaning Tip # 4

Want to clean up the mineral buildups and the oily soap residue from the bathtub, try using baking soda mixed with vinegar, you wont go wrong.

Quick Cleaning Tip # 4

Do you happen to have smelly sponges in the kitchen area? This is due to bacteria, so do not utilize them up until you have soaked them in water and put them in the microwave for a 1 minute or 2, killing the germs. Remove sponges from microwave and run cold water over them in the sink prior to use. Now you have minimized the bacteria build up.

Quick Cleaning Tip # 5

Squeaky door hinges?  instead of using WD-40, you can spray hinges with Pam or any cooking oil spray. Is all fumes free, no stains and is chemical free.

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